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The Goods

Name Stands for: High Order of Owl Tailgating Society
Birthday - August 19
Personal -
I was born and raised in upper Michigan, and have lived and worked in my home town for most of my life. When I was much younger, I never thought I'd do that. Who'd want to be in the same place your whole life??? Over time I realized it's not a bad thing at all. Loving what you do, and the people around you, is what's most important. Radio is fun, fast-paced, hectic, challenging, and my career since 1987. I have two boys, two step-sons, three dogs and a wife (Jayna). We love researching all kinds of history, especially local topics and The Civil War. Wandering Civil War battlefields is a huge passion of ours. I also love jogging and all sports, and I am the world's biggest fan of Elvis Presley and "Gilligan's Island." Oh, and I am firm believer that there is no such thing as having too many mushrooms on a pizza.