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HOOTS (5A-9A CST) I was born and raised in upper Michigan, and have lived and worked here for most of my life. Loving what you do, and the people around you, is what's most important. Radio is fun, fast-paced, hectic, challenging, and lots of other crazy things. Lots of other interests, as well, starting with family. My wife, Jayna, shares many of the same passions that I do. We love researching all kinds of history, especially local topics and the Civil War. Wandering Civil War battlefields is not everyone's idea of an ideal vacation, but for us it is. We're always ready to speak at civic organizations, schools and basically anyone who'll listen. I also love jogging and all sports. One other thing.......there is no such thing as having too many mushrooms on a pizza!!

Kim Chase (9a-2p CST) I grew up in small town Iowa. The home of the Bridges of Madison County. I am the youngest of 5 and my parents just celebrated their 59th Wedding Anniversary. I have a daughter named Karsyn who just turned 20 years old and flew the coop. I'm single and an empty nester except for my two dogs Kya and Charlie Brown. I love all animals including bugs. I am an avid Oakland Raiders and love to watch football. My favorite tv channels are Sy Fy and FX. My favorite tv show is Grimm. I love action movies too. I work out with weights to stay tone and run with the mutts for cardio. I also am a National Anthem singer. I find it hard to pick a music favorite. I'm extremely very diverse and truly believe music makes it better.

STEVE-O (2P-7P CST) Hi, I'm Steve Orchard, or "SteveO" to many around here. Pushing 8 years of working at Frog Country & Results Broadcasting. Most of my life has been about music, whether in radio(5 companies to this point)or my stint in music retail for a number of years, which also included a 20 year run as a mobile DJ for weddings and party's. I'm a family man, married 20 years to Sandy. We have two teenage daughters, Sara (17) and Sabrina (15). My hobbies include long distance running and my love of music. Most people know me as one of those "chart geeks" and my main interests span the 60's, 70's and 80's. Some of my favorite groups and singers include America, Hall & Oates, Earth, Wind & Fire, Boston, Steve Wariner, The Beatles and....wow, too many more to list! I'm a Michigan Wolverines fan, but I'm a die hard fan of the Indianapolis Colts.

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Kris Abrams (Midnight-5a CST) I am a western PA kid - growing up in Pittsburgh. While I am a dedicated member of the SteelerNation - but in baseball it is all about the Phillies. And for me, baseball is a lot of of my personality. To this day, put me at a ballgame with a dog and a cold beverage and I am about my happiest. Kelly and I are on our third rescue Lab and she is the center or our world. When it comes to music, I listen to alot but when it comes down to it...my roots/passion is Country music.

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